Get started Essentials

Activity Tracker

A handy Google Sheet to see and track your progress, distribute work, and view Calculator results.

Activity Workbook

All activity instructions and worksheets in a single, printable format.

Activity Planner

Identify all the stakeholders you need to involve in your Playbook activities.

Module 01 Ask

Produce an outline of your Data Card with all the questions and prompts that need to be answered for a defined target audience.

Priority Matrix

Brainstorm and decide the target audience for your Data Card using a 2x2 matrix.

Align on Agents

Articulate characteristics of your audience, and how they might interact with your Data Card and dataset. Follow up by capturing results in the Activity Tracker and leveraging the Fluency Calculator.

Lens Brainstorm

Define and decide on the most important information journeys of your Data Card or documentation. Follow up with a Scopes Brainstorm.

Scopes Brainstorm

Break down your Lenses into prompts for your Data Card Template. Follow up with Templatize.

Prerequisites: Complete Lens Brainstorm.


Organize Lenses and Scopes into a draft Data Card Template, ready for critical evaluation in reflective activities.

Prerequisites: Complete Lens Brainstorm and Scopes Brainstorm for a targeted template.

Module 02 Inspect

Refine your Data Card draft with respect to your dataset. Create a plan for creating final content for your Data Card.

Dimension Worksheet

Evaluate your Data Card to identify opportunities for improvements in your documentation. Follow up by capturing results in the Activity Tracker and leveraging the Fluency Calculator.

Fluency Calculator

Fine-tune your documentation to see if your documentation can be read by all your agents.

Prerequisites: Complete Align on Agents and Dimensions Worksheets, update in the Activity Tracker.

OFTEn Calculator

Check if your Data Card Template appropriately represents your dataset and contains enough material.

Prerequisites: Update your fine-tuned Data Card questions in the Activity Tracker.