Explore COVID-19 Symptoms Search Trends

The COVID-19 Search Trends symptoms dataset shows aggregated, anonymized trends in Google searches for more than 400 health symptoms, signs, and conditions, such as cough, fever and difficulty breathing. The dataset provides a time series for each region showing the relative volume of searches for each symptom.

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This dataset is intended to help researchers to better understand the impact of COVID-19. It shouldn’t be used for medical diagnostic, prognostic, or treatment purposes. It also isn’t intended to be used for guidance on personal travel plans.

To use or download this data, you must agree to the Google Terms of Service.

You can start working with the dataset by downloading it from this page, running queries in Google Cloud’s COVID-19 Public Dataset Program, or analyzing the data alongside other covariates in the COVID-19 Open-Data repository. For more information about the dataset, how we generate it and preserve privacy, read the data documentation.

On this map, purple counties had more searches related to “” during the week of than typical for the county. Fewer related searches took places in green counties. Some counties have insufficient data to map.

To make trends in Google searches comparable between counties, we divided the normalized search volume for a given symptom in a given county during a given week by the median search volume for that county-symptom pair. To prevent the seasonal distribution from shifting as more data is released, only the first three years of data are used to calculate the median.

Searches Over Time

Some of the most common symptoms are listed below with a chart showing the distribution of search frequency, aggregated over all counties and weighted by population. Click on one of them to examine geographic patterns on the map.

Search data for more countries is viewable on the line chart page.